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 31 years Rainbow Containers GmbH ™ - HO Apensen / Hamburg (1993 - 2024)

 Our german Website you will find here:


 We place emphasis to QUALITY !


 Our key aspects lie in the renting as well as the selling of used and factory new containers,
 particularly Refrigerated Container, Cooling Container, Deep Freeze Container, Tankcontainer
 as well as Sea Freight Container and Storage Container also Side Door Container, Double Door
 Container and Open Top Container.

  _Our current TOP- Offers_  _Our current TOP- Offers_ 


 Factory new Sea-containers  Refrigerated-containers  Used Tank-containers
 Factory new Side door containers  Used Insulated containers • Factory new Storage containers


 Of course all of the logistics can be organized by us !!!
 Refrigerated Containers as well as Tank Containers and Sea Freight Containers can also be directly
 offered from our worldwide foreign depots !!! 


 We have already delivered containers in over 88 countries of the world !



Ill. 20´- Sea-Container - factory new
new & used containers available
Ill. 20´- Insulated-Container - factory new
new & used containers available
Ill. 10´- Storage-Container - factory new
new & used containers available



Using the Menu "INFO REQUEST" you have the possibility to forward us your wishes and comments
in the formular.
We will supply you with the requested information as soon as possible or call you back at short notice.


A 24-hour repair service can be offered in the range of refrigerated containers !!!


Tankcontainer used
Ill. 40´- Refrigerated-Ctr. - used
new & used containers available
Ill. Tankcontainer - used
new & used containers available
Ill. Swap containers / trailers - used
new & used containers available




Additional information about refrigerated containers, deep cooling containers and freezer containers as well as insulated containers can be extracted from our website: (only in German).

Here you can find information about the voltage consumption, conversion charts Fahrenheit - Celsius as well as photos (cooling aggregates, compressors, interior illumination, data recorders, CSC registrations, etc.) and information for the reduction of noise emissions.



In the area "Custom made containers" , you can find an overview of the custom made containers that we deliver, such as dangerous goods containers, dangerous substances containers, side door containers, double door containers, etc.


Side Door Container
Ill. 20´- Open-Top-Ctr. - factory new
new & used containers available
Ill. 20´- Double-Door-Ctr. - factory new
new & used containers available
Ill. 20´- Side-Door-Ctr. - factory new
new & used containers available



Simply click on the product you require, then you will be informed in detail through the individual sub-menus of these menus. The popular types of containers (see the delivery programs in the respective sub-menus) are displayed more thicker and are stored in light grey.

Of course, all the other types of containers and dimensions can be delivered immediately or in a short period !

We have interest in presenting our containers in a way so that you can see them from a realistic view and have to inform you that the displayed pictures have not been "modified" or digitally re-processed in any way.

We would be glad to hear from you again and would be pleased to be able to act for you in the future.

With best regards

Oliver Delfs
Managing Director